Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bandelier National Momument

     Bandelier National Momument is the first national momument we visited in this trip. Thus, we got our first idea of what is a national momument from there. As a national momument, Bandelier National Momument preserves valuable natural and cultural resources for the public. Also, it serves ongoing scientific research. Archeaologists keep studying about Bandelier's human history back for over 10,000 years. 
    During our tour in the Bandelier National Momument, we could see the research results from site to site. All sites are marked on the Main Loop Trail Map. Tourists can either buy a map with one dollar or rent one for free from the front desk. Most of the class got free maps and turned them back when we left. I like this convenient service a lot.

    Bandelier's human history can be back forward to 10,000 years ago. The primary spots in Bandelier National Momument are the remain residence of acient Pueblo people. Ancestral Pueblo people were a hunter-gathering community. They built permanent settlements there and lived until 1550 CE. During our trip, we saw a lot of amazing house remains such as Long House which was a two or three story structure.
    Along with the trail, there were many landders which were imitated according to the history so visitor can experience the ancient life style. My most unforgettable memory in the Bandelier National Momument is the lannder experience. Eight of us climbed high lanndersand got a very good view from the top.
    The only thing I hope the park can improve is that the spots should be written clearly. I followed the map but always found that I had passed some important spots because there was no signs. I hope the Bandelier National Momument can add some signs and explaination of the spot so that visitors can learn about the history of culture of Bandelier.
    Overall, I think everyone enjoyed the visit in the Bandelier National Momument with a study of ancient Pueblo people's houses and the lannder adventure. Also, the landscape of the national park was beautiful because we enjoyed both desert view and forest view.

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